Viper Acquisitions Science & Technology

Engineering Services


Systems Engineering:   

Our team has System of Systems view from design to implementation, fielding, and life cycle support. Staff has DAWIA Level 3 Certification for SPRDE-SE/ Engineering.

System Engineering Technical Reviews

System Requirements Development

System Requirements Validation

System Requirements Verification

System Specification Review

System Specification Compliance


System Design Report Review

System Risk Management

System Safety Analysis

Program System Engineering Plan (SEP)

System Airworthiness Evaluation / Interim Flight Clearance

Engineering/Data Requirements Agreement Plan



Mechanical Engineering:

Our Staff has licensed Professional Engineers in the discipline of mechanical engineering.  They experience with the complex structures of modern aerospace applications in the demanding standardsof the Department of Defense.  Areas of experience include:

- Rotorcraft

-Tactical Aircraft


-Crew Served Weapons

-Guided Munitions

-Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment


-Arresting Gear